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"Do you like to be called Philip or can I call you Phil?"


"You can call me Flip Thom"


Philip Thomas

My introduction into photography was the school newspaper in college and the basic photos of ball caps that I had to create at a company where I worked as a graphic designer. But my fascination with photography grew out of a blog that I started as a hobby and a creative outlet. This blog was filled with images of mundane, ordinary things that somehow looked like art to me, old signs, rusty cars and abandoned places that to me, looked and felt like home.  

10 years ago, I began my journey as a photographer after exiting my graphic design job. Somehow along the way, I earned the right to precede my title of photographer with the word "professional". And yet, I still consider myself an artist with a need for a creative outlet. So, here it is. "Bah-dah-boom Bah-dah-bing", as they say.