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Hellos and Goodbyes

Goodbye to the darkness you grew to know
Hello to a world you’ll grow to call home.

Goodbye to your cribs and your bottles and your cries
Hello to your bed, your solid food and your curious eyes

Goodbye to your carefree days as a child
Hello to your days as a student (hopefully, not too wild).

Hello to the schools, the teachers and the friends
Goodbye to the innocence you’ve always had.

Hello to the next chapter of your life.
A higher education filled with adventure and strife.

Goodbye to your time in the classrooms and halls.
Hello to your time in some cubicle walls.

Goodbye to life as a lonesome soul
Hello to someone that will make you whole.

Goodbye to your boring gray cubicle walls
Hello to an office with more windows than walls

Hello to new little ones under your roof
Your routines and sleep patterns are about to go poof.

Hello to loud noises and new adventures and big messes
Goodbye to the quiet, the peace and the passive.

Goodbye to the children holding your hand
Hello to their newfound adventures into far-off lands

Goodbye to your office with more windows than walls
Hello to a much slower life as you run out of goodbyes

Goodbye to this world you’ve grown to call home
Hello to a world far better than you could ever know.